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Benefits & Tax Credits

Whether you’re an employer attempting to enhance the companies’ environmental strategies or a commuter trying to find ways to save money, there are many benefits associated with participating in a rideshare program.

Tax Savings Cost Savings/Insurance Rates
Improved employee recruitment
and retention
Minimize car maintenance
Reduced demand for parking Preferential parking
Access to labor markets Reduced traffic congestion
Enhanced productivity & punctuality Social aspects
Reduced absenteeism Guaranteed Ride Home
Corporate environmental performance & citizenship Free commuter matchlist
Improved quality of life More effective transportation system
Improved air quality Fewer road construction impacts

Tax Credits

Changes to the federal tax code have made transportation fringe benefits more appealing than ever (click HERE to read more).  Four tax advantage transportation benefit options are available.

Benefits in Addition to Salary: Employers may provide up to $255 per month starting January 2016 to commuting employees for transit, parking or vanpool fares or $20 per month to employees who commute to work by bicycle.  The employer pays for the benefit and receives the equivalent deduction from business income taxes.  Employees receive the benefit completely free of payroll and income taxes, in addition to their current salary.  Employers can pay directly for vanpool expenses or purchase transit passes for employees.  Alternatively, they can reimburse employees if these passes are not available and the employee provides a receipt.

Benefits Instead of Salary: Employers may permit their employees to set aside up to $255 per month of their pre-tax income to pay for transit, parking and vanpools.  Employees save on income taxes since that amount is no longer reported as taxable salary.  Employers are able to reduce their payroll costs.

Combination: Employers may share the cost of commuting with their employees.  Employers can give their employees part of the cost in addition to salary and allow their employees to set aside part of their pre-tax income to pay the remaining amount.  The employer can subsidize any amount, but only $255 per month is tax deductible.  Any amount over that is taxable.

Qualified Parking: Employers may offer employees the option of cashing out the value of employer provided parking.  Employee may receive up to $255 per month tax free for giving up their parking space.

Vanpool Subsidies

Commute Connection currently offers newly leased  vanpools a subsidy of $200 per month for 1 year  (total $2,400) as long as agreement obligations are met. A second subsidy is offered to those who have completed the newly leased subsidy. This is the Long Term Subsidy which is for $100 per month until June 30, 2017, as long as agreement obligations are met.

Other Subsidies & Incentives (click on name to go to their website):
State of California
Federal Government
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
Valley Rides
Sacregion 511
Rideshare 511

Visit Enterprise, vRide or Calvans* for information on starting a new vanpool or contact Commute Connection at 800-52-SHARE.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) Remove II Vanpool Incentive Program - a $360 subsidy per commuter for vanpool passengers who qualify. Subsidy for vanpools riders for one year to a maximum of three years or $1,080.  The commuter must reside within the geographic area of the SJVAPCD and meet a one-way mileage requirement.  Other eligibility requirements may apply. For additional information click HERE.

*CalVans leased vans must have an origin or destination within San Joaquin or Merced counties to be eligible for the subsidy.


Find Your Commute

Commute Connection is a Regional Rideshare Agency and a program of the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG)

Commute Connection Serves the Following Counties:


San Joaquin Council of Governments


Stanislaus Council of Governments 


Merced County Association of Governments